NBN Solutions

NBN Problems

If you’re having problems with NBN, you’re not alone. People across the country are experiencing a range of problems related to NBN, such as physical damage, or poor phone or internet service quality. For this reason, we are passionate about finding solutions for NBN issues.

Solutions such as:

  • Relocating your NBN box or modem
  • Tidying up cabling and pipes, and repairing damages
  • Fixing faults in the premises
  • Assist you with reporting network faults to your provider
  • Fast 4G backup, to keep you connected when your NBN service is down
  • Reconnecting phones affected by the NBN changeover
  • Working out what who is responsible for damage or poor service. This assessment can be useful in a compensation claim


Getting you NBN ready

If you’re not already connected to the NBN, you may be unsure about the process of switching over. This is common. You may be concerned about- what you need to do, costs, what will change with your phone or internet plan, will anything stop working, or what needs to be physically installed in the premises. We have many answers to these concerns.

We can also help get you ready and connected to NBN by:

  • Setting up your modem for phone or internet (our rates are normally much cheaper than service providers charges)
  • Making sure your phone and internet devices will still be working after NBN is connected
  • Make adjustments to cabling inside the premises, to ensure you can get the best internet speed, and reduce the chance of having internet problems
  • Moving the modem in a central location for wifi signal, or moving the modem out of a bedroom
  • Helping customers register their property with NBN (including subdivided properties)