Advice and Support

Sometimes it can be hard to get the right assistance with a phone or internet issue. You might not know who to contact, or a technical support department might not be helpful, or sales people want to make a sale but aren’t interested in what’s best for you. If you’re feeling lost or stuck with these problems, we are here to assist.


Our technicians are familiar with a range of problems and can provide help and guidance in many different areas, such as:

  • Technical support
  • Product recommendations
  • Looking for any unnecessary charges you are paying, that could be costing $100s or $1000s extra per year
  • Helping you to become unstuck with your service provider, if you’re not getting anywhere or being bounced around
  • Finding the best value phone and internet plans (our advice is unbiased, as we are not affiliated with any providers)
  • Working out what is the cause of a fault or problem, and who is responsible to fix it. This assessment can be useful in a compensation claim


*TSS Telco workers love to give quick free advice. And if a customer wants a longer consultation by phone, video call or in person, contact us for a quote or estimate.